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Vital Speeches of the Day is a monthly collection of the best speeches in the world. It’s also a lot more than that.

The magazine was launched in 1934 on the old-fashioned premise that “it is indeed vital to the welfare of the nation that important, constructive addresses by recognized leaders in both the public and private sectors be permanently recorded and disseminated—both to ensure that readers gain a sound knowledge of public questions and to provide models of excellence in contemporary oratory.”

So why do Vital Speeches and its sister publication Vital Speeches International thrive well into the 21st century, at the beloved center of a lively community of speechwriters, rhetoric scholars, policy makers and thinkers around the world?

Because we still believe in founder Thomas Daly’s belief that “it is only in the unedited and unexpurgated speech that the view of the speaker is truly communicated to the reader,” which is why we print all speeches in full. And we continue to follow the mission to “represent the best thoughts of the best minds on current national and international issues.”

From Franklin Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan, from Mahatma Gandhi to Lady Gaga, we’ve published every thoughtful, useful, inspiring or provocative speech we’ve gotten our hands on for more than three quarters of a century.

And along with the leadership communication conferences we hold, the annual Cicero Speechwriting Awards we judge and the Professional Speechwriters Association we convene, we continue to publish Vital Speeches with the same sense of earnest optimism that motivated our founding.

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