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Overseeing the Unforeseeable

A Rational Regulatory Approach To 21st Century Communications

Thank you, Elizabeth. It is my pleasure to be here this afternoon-and I especially appreciate the opportunity to offer you a few thoughts from a provider's perspective.

Because in my world, all of the topics on this forum's agenda are truly compelling. Every hour of every day, Qwest and our counterparts deal with the very real rami-fications of technology migration of the critical need

for regulatory reform and of the challenges created

by outdated telecom legislation. These realities impact the decisions we're able to make and the dollars we're able to invest. And they're at the crux of our ability-or inability-to serve customers in the ways they wish to be served.

So when I learned that this year's forum was titled "The Digital Broadband Migration-Rewriting the Telecom Act," I was intrigued. Not only by the relevance of these discussions for the future, but also in the ways they remind me of the not-so-distant past.

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