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Limited Government

We Can Defend The Federal Government And Still Be Sensitive To State And Local Authorities

Well, thank you very much, Leonard, for that kind introduction, and good morning. Welcome to all of you to the Convention this year. It's great to see so many people up at this hour willing to discuss limited government, when most people haven't even had their morning cup of coffee. As a veteran of many national conventions,

I can also say that one of the great things about the opening day of the National Convention is to sort of watch the group grow over the course of the day as more flights come in from out of town, as some of the day students from the Washington, D.C., law firms finish up the last project before they can come over to the Mayflower. It's great to watchthe group grow. And today, it will grow to the point where, by this evening, the group is going to fill one of the largest ballrooms in Washington, D.C. So I think that's an amazing thing to watch and behold.

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