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The Future of Global Financial Systems

Getting Back To Normalized Levels

In the six months since becoming CEO of Citi, I've spent a lot of time traveling around the world visiting our many regional banking centers. I find it refreshing.

So I appreciate this opportunity to be in London. Of course, with operations in more 100 countries and trading desks in 90 countries, I can look forward tomuch refreshment.

I have also learnt that with our focus on the challenges in our own backyard, it's easy to lose sight of something more fundamental that is going on in the world.

Trends that are reshaping the world are also reshaping the global financial services business. As always, the form and content of these changes will be influenced by technology and regulation. As we rethink regulatory and systemic risk issues we have an opportunity to incorporate these trends into our deliberation.

This is what I would like to talk you about today.

Let me begin with a quick overview of the US before moving on to brighter news.

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