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Selling Unions to Young Workers

The Labor Movement We Need To Create The America We Want

Iwant to thank Sarah (Wartell) and David (Madland) for all they do to respond to the challenges this country's up against.

I'm convinced that, decades from now, when historians look back at these last eight years, they won't only see it as a time when our country's leaders lost their way, but also a turning point when we progressives found our voice.

The work of the Center has been fundamental to making that happen-and you ought to take a lot of pride in that.

It goes without saying that, with the passing of Ted Kennedy, these last few days have been sad ones, not only for those of us who had the opportunity to work with him over the years, but, I think, for everyone in this country.

We've all read a lot about how he was a great legisla-tor-and, of course, he was.

And the reason why is that he was always, always guided by his values.

Progressive values.

Our values.

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