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Big Enough to Succeed

A Fierce Argument For Big Business

There is an Indian proverb about a merchant on a train with two baskets-one open, the other covered. In the open basket there are crabs from the sea shore.

But the passengers cannot see what is in the covered basket. The only clue to its contents is a few feathers poking-out from the weaving, and a soft cooing sound.

On enquiry, the merchant confirms the covered basket contains doves.

He explains the cover is necessary because whenever they have the chance to escape to freedom, they fly away.

The crabs though, he explains with a frown, ensure no one can aspire beyond the pack. Once one starts climbing out, the rest pull them back-hence no need for a lid or cover. I often feel that Kiwis-here at home at least, are the crabs with the impulse to pull everyone back into the basket.

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