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Why Working People Are Angry andWhy Politicians Should Listen

"help Us Turn That Anger Into The Energy To Win A Better Country And A Better World"

Good evening. Thank you, John. I will never be able to express how much I owe you and how much the American labor movement owes you. The Institute of Politics is fortunate to have you as a fellow this semester. And let me add my thanks to the Institute of Politics and

Bill Purcell for inviting me to be here with you tonight.

I am going to talk tonight about anger-and specifically the anger of working people. I want to explain why working people are right to be mad about what has happened to our economy and our country, and then I want to talk aboutwhy there is a difference between anger and hatred. There are forces in our country that are working hard to convert justifiable anger about an economy that only seems to work for a few of us into racist and homophobic hate and violence directed at our President and heroes like Congressman John Lewis. Most of all, those forces of hate seek to divide working people-to turn our anger against each other.

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