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Professional Speechwriters Association

Speechwriters have always been hard to find—hard for leaders to find, hard for one another to find.

That used to be because ghostwriters were their clients’ best-kept secret. Now that speechwriting is more publicly accepted, true speechwriters are obscured by hordes of willing but less focused and often ill-equipped communication generalists who volunteer to write speeches for the boss without appreciating the specialty.

The Professional Speechwriters Association was established in 2013 to help leadership communications become better defined and its committed practitioners easy to find. The PSA is convened by Vital Speeches of the Day magazine and peopled by the best leadership communication professionals in the world.To employers and clients, a PSA membership signals expert seriousness about speechwriting. To other leadership communication professionals, it says: colleague. And most importantly to the PSA member him- or herself, it says commitment.

Benefits of belonging to the Professional Speechwriters Association

PSA offers its members training, recognition, connection and purchasing power.

Among an always-growing list of member benefits:

  • Authorized use of the official PSA membership logo, for placement on websites, résumés and LinkedIn profiles. This tells potential clients and employers that they're dealing with a committed leadership communication professional.
  • Free 1-year email subscription to Vital Speeches of the Day.
  • Exclusive access to an annual membership survey, letting you know where you stand, financially and professionally, among your colleagues—and helping you negotiate with your employer or clients.
  • Easy and exclusive access to other PSA members, through a members-only Facebook group and an exclusive LinkedIn group.
  • A 25% discount to attend the Professional Speechwriters Association World Conference, where dedicated leadership communication professionals meet to share ideas and problems that only fellow pros can understand.
  • A 25% discount for you and any staffers you send to Speechwriting School and Speechwriting School Online, the most comprehensive and convenient speechwriting courses in the world.
  • A 25% discount to the entry fee for the annual Cicero Speechwriting Awards.
  • A 25% discount to Leadership Communication Days, the intimate annual roundtable for executive communication professionals.
  • A 25% discount to 10 Steps to Writing a Great Speech, the definitive guide to professional speechwriting.
  • Free white papers on speechwriting techniques and leadership communication trends.

Other benefits of belonging to the PSA

Pragmatic pricing for working professionals

Because speechwriters’ budgets vary as widely as their professional circumstances, the Professional Speechwriters Association sets its annual membership rates accordingly.

  • $495 for corporate professionals
  • $395 for practitioners at nonprofits, universities, government entities and public relations agencies
  • $195 for independent speechwriters

Click on the appropriate membership fee, and become a member of the Professional Speechwriters Association. Or email queries to PSA director of operations Benjamine Knight:

What does the PSA ultimately mean to our members?

Or as one member told us, "I am not a communication expert who happens to work as a speechwriter. I am a speechwriter who happens to work as a speechwriter. There's a vital difference. I would like to praise you for showing speechwriters all over the world that they're not alone. That we are a community in our professional (and therefore also personal) solitude. I love being a speechwriter, and you are one of the reasons. The universe and community you have created with makes me proud of my identity."

Join us.